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It took four guys Art FX Murals team about a week of sunrise-to-sunset painting to complete The Hobbit. The process is physically taxing but there seems to be real joy in being able to work so loosely and so large. At the distance the viewer is seeing the work, the giant brush strokes all tighten [...]

Inti. Chile

9th November 2012 Обзоры | Tags: , , ,

Video-interview and review of works of chilean mural artist Inti.

First question: why are you making street art? I paint for fun. I don’t know if street art is the word to define my work. I don’t paint much in the street… So you don’t like the name street art when it is used about your works? I don’t really know what it should be [...]

Alexander Grebenyuk & Foxone – New Mural in Kiev, Ukraine Gogol Fest, september 2012