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Few Aryz’s works from 2013 from around the world.

Urban Forms project from Lodz, Poland who are doing fantastic work on organising, promoting and supporting independent artists’ initiatives in a public space. Their hard work has brought us walls like the one featured below by Aryz (Spain) and Os Gemeos (Brazil).

First question: why are you making street art? I paint for fun. I don’t know if street art is the word to define my work. I don’t paint much in the street… So you don’t like the name street art when it is used about your works? I don’t really know what it should be [...]

Aryz. Spain.

22nd November 2010 Обзоры | Tags: , ,

Законодатель моды в граффити персонажах последних лет – испанский райтер Ариз.