Urban Roots 6 Western

Cover by Max13 The sixth issue of Urban Roots is called Western because its most reviewing the western graffiti. From little-known graffiti names in Russia to the legends of world graffiti we have it all. Issue is jam packed with interviews with Mad C from Germany, winner of the russian “Battle for Respect Max13, ukranian writer Kislow. Big review of two European crews which blew up the graffiti scene of the last five years – Loveletters and Heavy Artillery, as well as legend from the graffiti world – Can2. Much pretty french girls with graffiti bodyart from Astro and G-kill. Murrals and pieces from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, England, Brazil, Portugal, USA, and quite a little bit from China. 180 full-color pages – a minimum of advertising, most large and high-quality photos. And we guess it is the biggest graffiti magazine in the world.
We think its a good reason to get it in collection.

The price for Europe and North America is 12 (but you can get 3 copies for 30 )
Asia, America, Australia – 14 . Shipping included!

Contact for order: urbanrootsmag@gmail.com | Availabe payment by moneybookers.com

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