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16th September 2014 Новости | Tags: , ,

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Greg “Craola” Simkins is a Fine Artist based in Los Angeles and raised on cartoons, well written stories, animal planet, graffiti, tattoos and mind numbing trips to grandma’s house. Escapism is as good a label to his work as any…have a look and use your imagination.

Famous hip-hop artist Everlast (from House of Pain) made brand new cover version of “Jump Around” (1992). Graffiti writer Risk from MSK crew (USA) is painted special graffiti for it.

Dan Cotton. USA

12th October 2013 Обзоры | Tags: , ,

Dan Cotton is a calligrapher, hand lettering artist, and graphic designer. His custom lettering designs are used for branding, advertising, logos, packaging, taglines, signage, and more.

We suppose that’s true graffiti ideology in these pieces. That’s how they really fight with the System.

Ironlak family members KEMS and EWOK joined up with TRAV just in time to see the sun set over Las Vegas. The finished flicks will be up soon but in the meantime here’s some progress shots of it all happening.


27th February 2013 Обзоры | Tags: , , , ,

Choosen works from NYC design studio Rock3rs.

It took four guys Art FX Murals team about a week of sunrise-to-sunset painting to complete The Hobbit. The process is physically taxing but there seems to be real joy in being able to work so loosely and so large. At the distance the viewer is seeing the work, the giant brush strokes all tighten [...]