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BEZT (Etam cru) “Meeting the God” Animation, Lagos, Portugal, 2013 All characters was first painted on the wall then animated.

New work of Alexey Kislow on Traffic Design in polish Gdynia.

Etam Cru from Poland is a collective of two talented street-artists Przemek Blejzyk and Mateusz Gapski. Since the begining of 2013 they have fast start and already did few new murals in different europian cities. But the summer is just began and guys have pretty busy schedule. I suppose they are the most popular young [...]

Urban Forms project from Lodz, Poland who are doing fantastic work on organising, promoting and supporting independent artists’ initiatives in a public space. Their hard work has brought us walls like the one featured below by Aryz (Spain) and Os Gemeos (Brazil).

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Natalia Rak was born in 1986. She starts to paintin age of 10 years. Graduated of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland) and live and work in Warsaw. She is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer and street artist.

Адам Клодецки (Adam Romuald Kodecki) известный под творческим псевдонимом “Theosone” – польский дизайнер, иллюстратор и каллиграф, живующий и работающий в настоящее время в Варшаве (родился в Белостоке в 1984 г.) Сфера интересов крайне широка, это и промышленный дизайн, и иллюстрация и разумеется каллиграфия (Calligraffiti). Во всех своих направлениях Адам уже добился признания, и отмечен призами [...]

INTOXICATED DEMONS Galerie presents „Unfrisierte Gedanken“ („Undoctored thoughts”) Groupshow, 11/29 – 12/1/12 Robert Proch, Etam Cru, Sainer, Bezt, Natalia Rak, Chazme, Sepe, Theosone No doubt – you can count them amongst Polands most successful and most seen young artists of the last years: Talking about Robert Proch, Etam Cru, Sepe and Chazme, Sainer, Bezt, Natalia [...]