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World graffiti review

21st March 2014 | Tags: , , ,

Originally born and raised in Germany in 1981 Bond TruLuv became involved with graffiti-writing at the beginning of this millennium. Since then he has eagerly committed himself to examining new ways of composing letters and calligraphic ways of expression, as well as modes of fine arts and graphic design. His permanent longing for transformation and [...]

World graffiti review

25th November 2013 | Tags: , , ,

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

FEDOR is a Portuguese Graffiti artist, based in Porto. He started writing in 2000 under the name Blast and soon after formed the Maniaks collective alongside Neutro and DesMots. Here you can see his pieces, alone, or in collaboration with artist that somehow he likes to work with and bring him inspiration and motivation.

The 80′s Conspiracy crew (Urges, Cemo, Aseb, Neist) from London.

Rekor. Toulouse, France

24th October 2013 | Tags: , , , ,

Fecks. New York, USA

18th October 2013 | Tags: , , , ,