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Мастер малых форм из Казани, граффити-художник и иллюстратор Игорь One.

Huge sketch compilation from very talented russian graffiti artist Ilya Qtwo from OTD crew.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

BEZT (Etam cru) “Meeting the God” Animation, Lagos, Portugal, 2013 All characters was first painted on the wall then animated.

Новые работы итальянского дуэта Кактуса и Марии.

Cone – german graffiti-artist, illustrator and DJ. Crewmamber of famous graffiti collective The Weird.

Few Aryz’s works from 2013 from around the world.

Pavel Roch – talented graffiti artist from sibirian Barnaul. He is also known as an amazing tattoo-artist.