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Wuper is talented young graffiti writer from Serbia doing classic wild-style.

Ironlak family members KEMS and EWOK joined up with TRAV just in time to see the sun set over Las Vegas. The finished flicks will be up soon but in the meantime here’s some progress shots of it all happening.

Подборка работ за 2012 год питерского граффити райтера G.Ribo из команды MNMO.

Классический немецкий семи вайлд-стайл из Франкфурта. Кто бы что ни говорил про “рамки” и “эксперименты” – классика вечна

MrDheo x Sofles @ Porto 2012 Video: MrDheo, Sofles & Sabri Music: Rusko / Die Antwoord Special Guest: Smug

Artue. esk republika. Praha. 17 years old russian graffiti writer (from city if Ufa) who live right now in Prague.

Graffiti writer Chemis from Kazakhstan but live in Czech republic. Few works from Copenhavn Benesov