Acclaimed Russian street artist Pasha 183 died this week. He was 29.

He was also known as Pasha P183 and P183.

More than a graffiti artist, Pukhov labored for 15 years on the Russian streets creating murals and installations that he hoped would build on “situationism” in Russia, which he said started during the Russian Revolution in the early 20th century. Pasha defined situationism as “the art of revolution in the streets.” He credited early 20th-century Russian poets Vladimir Mayakovsky and Sergei Yesenin, as well as painters from that era, with beginning a movement to paint and write Russia in color.

While Pukhov denied claims that he was a political artist — instead asserting that he painted society — many of his works dealt with political themes and depicted popular frustration with modern-day Russian political events. Pukhov never revealed his identity. He painted and gave interviews wearing a balaclava.

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