Jelena Senicic from Belgrade, Serbia.
Graphic designer by day and illustrator/photographer by night. Graphic design pays rent, and other staff (photography, typography, calligraphy and illustration) feeds her soul.

“When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a fashion designer, after that photographer for National Geographic and after that truck driver. But when the time came for me to go to high school, I decided to go in art & design high school and be a graphic designer. In 2000. I finished Academy of applied arts in Belgrade so I got my first advertising job few days later. At the same time I begin my studies for a Master degree in Calligraphy and lettering and I finished it in 2004. Since than I worked in many agencies, BTL, ALT, publishing houses, freelance I also came back to teach in my old high school. Last ten years in my life were very interesting.

Now, Im working as an AD in one of those agencies, have my own projects like Dizajnersi or Belgrade in my pocket, live with my cat and Vili, ride my bicycle whenever I get time. Always taking pictures with everything my phone, my Fuji, my Nikon. It is very important to shoot all the time. Black and white mostly.

I can not say that Im only one thing like ok, Im graphic designer. Im not. I like to mix everything. Like to draw over a photo, put some letters on it, get my hands black with ink on pastels. Its nice to mix anything you can think of it. But photography is a special. It makes my mind clear. I dont know what I will do for a next ten years, but I like to try something new. Somewhere new. Maybe some other country, some other people and cities. Who knows”

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