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World graffiti review

18th December 2013 Обзоры | Tags: , ,

World graffiti review

24th September 2013 Обзоры | Tags: , ,

Compilation of fresh works of english style master Jiroe (Giroe), crewmember of famous graffiti collective Heavy Artillery.

Работы европейского объединения Heavy Artillery, сделанные за последние полгода.

Работы интернациональной команды Heavy Artillery за 2011 год.

Один их самых активных участников команды Heavy Artillery – итальянец Mr. Wany.

Urban Roots 6 “Western”

1st July 2010 |

The sixth issue of Urban Roots is called «Western» because it’s most reviewing the western graffiti. From little-known graffiti names in Russia to the legends of world graffiti – we have it all. Issue is jam packed with interviews with Mad C from Germany, winner of the russian “Battle for Respect» Max13, ukranian writer Kislow. [...]