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The idea for the Kaleidoscope cans is based on the transparent, glass like layers of MadC’s canvases. They too combine the strong and the fragile in one piece. What happens by chance is combined with well thought through elements of calligraphy, taken from the canvases and transferred into hand cut pieces of thin coloured glass. [...]

New video from graffiti-artist Artez (Belgrade, Serbia) What would you do with a 40 square meters wall that can be seen from only one angle? I’ve chosen to paint a portrait of my friend Samir Rogti aka Samiri. Playing with the perspective is always a challenge – I really enjoyed playing with this one!

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Famous hip-hop artist Everlast (from House of Pain) made brand new cover version of “Jump Around” (1992). Graffiti writer Risk from MSK crew (USA) is painted special graffiti for it.

Once again this is calligraphy week on Urban Roots. Enjoy the pure letters styles.

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