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Young but very talanted street artist Inga Gurvich from Petrozavodsk (Russia) create big murals using the complicated art technic of multi layered stecils.

C215, is the moniker of Christian Gumy, a French street artist hailing from Paris. C215 primarily uses stencils to produce his art. His first stencil work was put up in 2006, but he has been a graffiti artist for (as of 2011) over 20 years. His work consists mainly of close up portraits of people. [...]

Ananda Nahu was born in Juazeiro, on Bahia, Brazil, in 1985. Moved to Salvador in 2001, in 2003 she attended College of Design abandoning it to start in 2004 to attend Fine Arts at the Federal University of Bahia. In this period, she became interested in studying photography and engravings, marked by time studies and [...]

A painting by the elusive British guerilla artist Banksy has been gouged out of a wall in North London and is being sold by an American art dealer. Banksy Slave Labour, depicting a child labourer sewing Union Jack bunting, is expected to fetch 450,000 on the Fine Art Auctions Miami website. The street art was [...]

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Проект «ТРАФАРЕТ нужен всем» представляет специальный выпуск PDF журнала о трафаретах в странах СНГ “CUTOUT #7”. Как и было обещано в предыдущем номере, этот выпуск посвящён оформлению виниловых пластинок, cd, видео кассет, проигрывателей, колонок и музыкальных инструментов с помощью трафаретов. Основная масса работ, вошедших в номер это конечно же винил. Большим приемуществом пластинки является как [...]

27 летний бразильский уличный художник Izolag. Свои яркие работы создают преимущественно с помощью трафаретов.